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For Sale on Private Treaty

41 Black Angus Females

Born in 2012. All Raised their first Calf in 2014
Bred to Sons of Connealy Consensus 7229, Sitz Upward, Schaff Density, Vermillion Date Line and more.
Start Calving April 15th
Complete Vac Program
In the spring before breeding they received: Preg-guard Gold FP 10, Ivermax Pour On
Fall Shots: Bovi-Shield Gold FP5 VL5 HB, Guardian Scourguard, Safeguard Wormer, Ivermax Pour On
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1518
35 hd are Black, 5 hd are Bwf

Tagged to Match
Choice to Fancy
Located in South East Wyoming

Lot 1517
106 Pairs

75% Blk/Bwf; Balance: Red/Rwf, few Char
4 to 8 years old (majority are 5 to 7 yr olds)
Tagged to Match
Delivery: April 10th
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1516
43 Red Angus First Calf Heifer Pairs

One Iron, Bangs Vac
Tagged to Match
Delivery: May 1st to May 10th
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1515
40 Black First Calf Heifer Pairs

Jan-Feb Calves
Tagged to Match
High Elevation
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1514
40 Blk, few Bwf Pairs

4 to 5 years old
Feb-March Calves
Tagged to Match
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1513
250 Cow/Calf Pairs

2 Loads of Red Angus, Balance: Blk/Bwf
3 to 6 years old
Tagged to Match
Located in NE Nebraska

Lot 1512
85 Steers, Wt: 580#

Black/Bwf, few Red, 1 CharX
3% shrink on ground
Home Raised; Hay Fed
Complete Vac Program
Can make all black at buyers request
For Immediate Delivery
Located in Western Wyoming

Lot 1511
121 Black, few Bwf Bred Cows

Complete Dispersal
Bred to Char Bulls
CF: April 1st for 60 days
Ages: 5, 6 & 7 yr old Solid Mouths
Bangs Vac
Can take 1 to 3 loads
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1510 - SOLD
48 Black Bred Heifers

Bred to Blk Bulls
CF: April 6th - 45 days
Choice to Fancy
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1509
150 Black Angus First Calf Heifer Pairs

Extra Fancy, Several are AI Sired
Tagged to Match
Will Sell 1 load
Located in SE Wyoming

Lot 1508
90 Blk, few Bwf First Calf Heifer Pairs

Mostly F1 X Baldy Calves at side
Tagged to Match
Will sell 30 hd or up to 90 hd
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1507 - SOLD
50 Bred Heifers

43 hd Red Angus; 7 hd Black
Bred to Low Birth Wt Calving Ease Red Angus Bulls
CF: March 20th for 50 days
the majority will calve within the first 25 days
Home Raised, One Iron, Bangs Vac
WT: 1050 + lbs
Located in Eastern Wyoming
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Lot 1506 - SOLD
70 Fancy Home Raised Heifers

70% Black/Bwf; 30% Red/Rwf
Base Wt: 775#
Slide: .06; Weigh on ground, 3% shrink; Flesh: Med
Will fit All Natural or NHTC Program
Located: Western, NE

Lot 1505
170 - 3 yr old Hereford 2nd Calf Heifers

Fancy, 60% + Registered with Papers
Came from Rausch, Van Newkirk, Upstream, Mrnak and other top Registered Breeders.
70% bred to Black Angus Bulls
30% bred to Van Newkirk, NJW and Sandhill Farms Hereford Bulls for Replacements.
CF: March 15th thru May 15th
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1452 - SOLD
240 Fancy Home Raised Bred Cows

Weight: 1325#
4's coming 5's
Bred to Predominately Registered Black Angus Bulls and a Few Charolais Bulls
CF: Feb 25th for 65 days
Full Vac Program
Can take gate cut 1 load or more
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1451 - SOLD
350 Black Bred Cows

300 - 3 yr olds
50 - 4 yr olds
Bred to Horned Hereford Bulls
CF: March 1 for 70 days
All Shots & Poured
Cows Originated from NW Nebraska
All Cows Raised a 550# Calves in 2014
Located in South Central Colorado

Lot 1450 - SOLD
171 Black Bred Heifers

1100-1175 lbs
Extra Fancy
AI'd to Absolute, CF: Feb 10th
Shots: Vibrio Lepto, Staybred & Dectomax Pour On
High Elevation
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Contact Lex Madden for inquiries on Private Treaty Cattle 307-532-3333 or 307-532-1580