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For Sale on Private Treaty

Lot 1414 - SOLD
82 Black Hfrs

Weight: 825#
Fancy, Replacement Quality
One Iron
Complete Vac Program
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1415 -SOLD
55 Black Angus, few BWF First Calf Heifers

Tagged to Match
Choice for Quality
Located in Eastern Wyoming

Lot 1416-SOLD
103 Blk, few Bwf Fall Bred Cows
Weight Range: 1085-1225#
Avg Weight: 1125-1160#
Bangs Vac.
Approx 80% 3yr olds, Balance 4yr olds
Bred to Calving Ease, Low Gestation Black Angus Bulls
CF: September 15th for 45 Days
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1417-SOLD
120 Mostly Blk/Bwf Pairs

Few CharX & Red
Short Term; Wt: 1450-1485#
Tagged to Match
Immediate Delivery
Can take 1, 2 or 3 Loads
Originated out of Eastern Wyoming
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1418-SOLD
62 Black/Bwf Pairs

3-6 yrs old
Tagged to Match
Located in Western, NE

Contact Lex Madden for inquiries on Private Treaty Cattle 307-532-3333 or 307-532-1580