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For Sale on Private Treaty

Lot 1539
30 Fresh Corriente Roping Cattle

All Solid Red or Black
Steers, few Bulls and Bangs Vac Heifers
Located in South East Wyoming

Lot 1538
62 Black/Bwf Heifers

Originated from Eastern Wyoming
Choice to Fancy for Quality
Base Wt: 775#
Slide: .08
Running out on Brome Grass
Run Open
Delivery: Immediate
2% Shrink
Loaded off Grass on Buyer's pre-weighed truck
hauled 10 miles
Located in South East Kansas

Lot 1537
400 Black Angus Steer Calves

Black with a few Bwf
Base Wt: 500#
Slide: .20
Shrink: 2% on Ground
Sorted of Cows
Calves will be pre-sexed
Delivery: 10/15/15 to 10/22/15
Located in East Central Wyoming

Lot 1536 - SOLD
126 Extra Fancy Black Steers

Extra Fancy
Base Wt: 900#
.06 Slide
.08 Slide @ 925#
3% Pencil Shrink
Coming off Grass, been on grass for 30 days
Delivery: 5/26 to 5/30
Located in North East Wyoming
Selling on May 29th Sale

Lot 1535
1 Load of First Calf Heifer Pairs

Black, few Bwf
Tagged to Match
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1534
1 Load of Red Angus First Calf Heifer Pairs

Tagged to Match
Red with a few Red White Face
Bangs Vac
Located in Western Nebraska

Lot 1533 - SOLD
185 Heifers

70% Black/Bwf; 20% Red/Rwf; 10% CharX & Mxd
Base Wt: 820 lbs
Flesh: Medium
3% Shrink on Truck
Slide: .06
Top end of heifers that out grew grass program
Located: Wheatland, Wyoming

Lot 1525 - SOLD
100 Pairs

95% Black/Bwf; Balance: Red/Rwf
Mostly Black Calves, Approx 20 Char X Calves
60 hd are Short Solid to Short Term Cows
20 hd are First Calf Hfrs
20 hd are 3 & 4 yr olds
High Elevation
Will sell 1 or 2 loads
Located in South Central Wyoming

Contact Lex Madden for inquiries on Private Treaty Cattle 307-532-3333 or 307-532-1580