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Upcoming Sales

Please Consign your Cattle Early. This allows ample time for Advertising and organizing our yards to facilitate the best care for your cattle. It also allows us to contact buyers in advance so that they may plan their deliveries with the truckers and their customers needs. One to two weeks notice allows us to make your marketing experience the best it can be. Please consign early.


Monday Sales

Wednesday Sales

Friday Sales

Online Consignment Forms

Feeder Consignment Form

Bred Cow/Pair Consignment Form

Weigh Cow/Bull/Hfrette Form 

Please note if you are consigning online 3 days or less prior to sale, please contact the office at
307-532-3333 to check sale size and availability.    

Special Sales
2024 Bull Sales


- - - There are now 2 companies that are buying All Natural Cows and Bulls. If you are selling COWS or BULLS at the sale and they qualify for ALL NATURAL please fill out the appropriate affidavits. Affidavits must be filled out and in office the day of the sale.* Monday, December 7th

If you are not coming to the sale you may print forms and email back to betty@maddenbrothers.com
Note: Please read affidavits carefully to be sure your cattle qualify.
***If you are selling All Natural Cows & Bulls you must fill out all three affidavits.
***If you are selling just cows or bulls, please fill out the Preferred Beef Affidavit and the appropriate American Foods Affidavit.
Preferred Beef Affidavit (All Natural Cows & Bulls)
American Foods All Natural Cow Affidavit
American Foods All Natural Bull Affidavit
Please contact Kim or Betty at 307-532-3333 for specifics.

All Natural Yearlings & Calves
Please fill out ALL of the following forms if you are selling your yearlings of calves as All Naturral.
***Note we need all of the forms as we do not know which one the buyer will need.
You can print the forms and scan them and email to kim@maddenbrothers.com or fax to 307-532-2040 or drop of the barn.


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Special Announcements

If you will be registering to buy through Cattle USA we will need you to fill out this Form and return it to us.
Once the form is completed please fax to 307-532-2040 or scan it and Email it to us.

All Natural Producers

If you are selling your cattle as all natural there are several affidavits for you to fill out. Please take time to read through the affidavits, some may not fit your operation. This does not mean that you cannot sell your cattle as all natural, fill out the ones that will fit your operation and let us know that you will not sign certain affidavits. Also please let us know if your cattle are Third Party All Natural.

* * * If you are consigning Bred Cows or Pairs to our Monday Bred Cow Specials we ask that you have your cattle here by Saturday at 1:00 pm (Likewise on a Friday Bred Cow Special we would like to have the cows here by Wednesday). This is to ensure that our Vet and Crew have ample time to Preg, Age & Sort your cattle before Sale Time. This also makes it less stressful for your cattle come Sale Day. Also buyers wanting to buy Breds or Pairs will have a chance to see your cattle in the yards sorted, aged and ready to go. IF YOUR CATTLE DO NOT ARRIVE TO BE PREG CHECKED BY THE TIMES DESIGNATED ABOVE WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOUR CATTLE WILL BE PREG CHECKED THEY WILL SELL AS EXPOSED COWS.


You are now required
to fill out the
Consignor/Livestock Owner's Certificate,
as well as a Trich Affidavit.