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For Sale by Private Treaty

Lot 2362
Complete Dispersal of Coming 3 to 6 yr old Cows
Approx 160 head

Black/Bwf, Predominately Black Angus Breeding
Solid Black Cows are Bred to Tipton Hereford Bulls
Calve: March 6th for 60 days
85% Ultrasounded to Calve the First 21 days
Ultrasounded by Dr Paul Chard on November 13 & 14
Bwf Cows Bred to Triangle J Black Simmental Bulls
Vaccinations: ViraShield 6 VL 5 (fall); ScourGuard (spring); SafeGuard (branding); 7-way (February)
Ages (Age Tagged):
24 head: 2's cmg 3
14 head: 3's cmg 4
45 head: 4's cmg 5
79 head: 5's cmg 6
Located in Eastern Colorado
Contact Chuck at 307-575-4015
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Lot 2361
275 AI Bred Heifers

80% Black, 20% Bwf
AI Bred to Springcove Compound
Calve: February 28th
Weighing 1050 lbs
Complete Vac Program
Great Disposition
Plenty of Frame
Option on 1 to 5 loads
Located in Eastern Wyoming
Contact Hunter at 307-340-1202
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Lot 2360
45 F1 Cross BWF Hfrs

Bred to Connealy Capitalist Calving Ease Bulls
CF: March 5th for 21 days
Located in Northeast Wyoming
Contact Justin at 307-340-0724
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Lot 2359
152 Blk/Bwf 3 Yr Old Cows

52 hd of BWF Cows are Bred to Blair Black Angus Bulls
100 hd of Blk Cows are Bred to Jamison & Snoshoe Hereford Bulls
CF: March 15th for 60 days
Located in Northeast Wyoming
Contact Justin at 307-340-0724
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Lot 2355
150 AI Bred Heifers

75% Black; 25% Bwf
AI Bred to Springcove Compound on May 9th thru 11th
CF: February 15th
Weigh: 1050 lbs
Lots of Frame. Great Disposition.
Complete Vac Program
Located in Western Nebraska
Contact Hunter at 307-340-1202
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Lot 2354
53 Hereford Bred Heifers

Bred to Hereford Bulls
CF: April 1st
Weigh: 950 lbs
Home Raised. One Iron.
Bangs Vac
Located in Southeast Wyoming
Contact Lex at 307-532-1580
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Lot 2349
90 Bred Cows
5, 6 & 7 yr old Solid Mouth Cows
80% Red; 20% Black
Bred to Mostly Red Angus Bulls and a few Black Angus Bulls
CF: May 1st to June 1st
Preg Checked & Mouthed by a Licensed Vet
Originated out of Montana
Have been on a Complete Vac Program
Bangs Vaccinated
Available for Immediate Delivery
Located in Southeast Colorado
Call Chris at 307-272-4567
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Lot 2347
42 Blk Bred Heifers

950-1000 lbs
Good Disposition
Bred to Low Birth Wt Cactus Cattle Co Bulls
CF: March 20th for 45 days
Poured this Fall
Located in Northeast Wyoming
Contact Ben at 307-217-1472
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Ranch Horses For Sale
4 to 8 yrs old.
Lots of life left in them and so much potential. Been trained both in the arena and outside behind cattle, dragging calves, tracking the sled, etc. These guys are a nice set to choose from and they are priced right. Call 307-680-2788 for more information
Horse 1
Horse 2
Horse 3


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